About Us

Fantasy Factor is created and maintained by the finest minds in the business. Each of our departments has a wealth of knowledge in both sports and technology, allowing us to explore areas of improvement that other companies haven’t even dreamed of.

We never stop upgrading our software, so we’ll continue to deliver the best possible experience on your PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet and even other personal devices that may appear in the future.

We’re committed to you and your love of sports. After all, we love them too.

Our Philosophy

When Fantasy Factor made the decision to enter the Daily Fantasy Sports market, it was based on the desire to fill a void. Every other site out there splashed big contests and their astounding first place prizes. But hidden in that message was the fact that multi entries, algorithms, and industry veterans combined to squeeze out the little guy. The customer who is looking to have some fun has a miniscule chance of winning.

Fantasy Factor is SINGLE ENTRY only. This sets an even playing field preventing experienced players from crowding out the average Joe.

Our philosophy is fun and entertainment first. Recreational players are our target. From Survivor to Super Bowl Squares, we offer fun and exciting contests for FREE all the time. The Daily Fantasy Sports contests we offer are smaller and everyone has a legit chance at winning. We have daily FREEROLLS and microlimit contests so you can try the games out for minimal cost.

We also focus on the social aspect of Fantasy Sports. We want Fantasy Factor to be a place where a group of friends can set up and enjoy a private contest or league of their own. Check out the private contest tab and invite your friends to play.

Fantasy Factor is also known for its industry leading customer service. Chat support is available during most hours and we strive to answer all emails within 4 hours. We also welcome customer suggestions and feedback. We want to know your thoughts and are always looking for ways to improve. Fantasy Factor is built for the customer.

We hope you enjoy the site.