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Three Reasons to Play Daily Fantasy Baseball

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has become one of the most popular games in the world because of its ability to make fans feel like they’re a part of the action.

On any given day you can pick your favorite players and watch them compete on the field to make you a winner. What better thrill is there in sports?

For some, DFS has become a job, but for others it’s just another form of entertainment. Whatever the case may be, three are many reasons to want to play fantasy baseball.

1. It’s an Everyday Thing

One reason some people don’t like fantasy baseball is because it takes too much time, but for me, that’s what makes fantasy baseball so much fun. Not necessarily that it takes so much time, but that it’s literally a daily fantasy sport. There are games every day throughout the baseball season, and with DFS websites it’s like every day is a new season.
Every day you have the ability to build a new lineup that will be a winner. There are new matchups every day, and you get to pick and choose which ones will work out in your favor.
For me, I love looking at the pitching matchups every day and trying to figure out what hitter will have a big night. The biggest thrill for me is picking a hitter on nobody’s radar that ends up putting up huge points because of the matchup.

Just like in baseball, you can’t let losses get you down because there is a game the next day. It’s the same way with DFS. You know with baseball that if your lineup doesn’t work out one day, you can come right back the next day and start another winning streak.
What I love about fantasy baseball the most is that it’s an everyday thing.

2. Fantasy Baseball is Easy

Many people think fantasy baseball is overwhelming because of all the players and games, but honestly, fantasy baseball can be really easy. If you don’t want to do the research to find those diamonds in the rough, you can always just select the best players.

The thing about baseball is that a lot of players go through hot and cold streaks. But the best players in the game are the best because they are consistent. If you want to make sure you get a good pitcher for the night, then take Max Scherzer. If you want to make sure you get some points out of a hitter, then take Mike Trout.

In fact, it’s a lot more fun when you pick the best players in the game because then you get to watch and enjoy them play the game.

Of course, when you take the best players it’s going to be costly, but you can fill your squad with plenty of other familiar players.

The bottom line is, if you want to play fantasy baseball you don’t have to overthink it, you can simply just select the most recognizable players in the game and enjoy the show.

3. They Make the Game More Interesting

A lot of people complain, unjustly in my opinion, that they game of baseball can be boring at times. Well, with fantasy baseball you can liven up the real thing by adding some stakes to the matter.

Suddenly a Padres-Reds game doesn’t look so boring if you have Joey Votto or Eric Hosmer in your lineup. Or if you have a starter going that night, it can keep your interest in a game for around six innings.

Between local TV networks, MLB Network, Fox Sports 1, and ESPN there are always games on TV to watch. Especially in the summer when there aren’t many sports on, finding an interest in a baseball game can give you something to watch.

For me, I don’t need much of an incentive to watch what I consider to be the greatest sport on Earth, but for those who need a little extra to sit through a baseball game, fantasy sports certainly gives you that opportunity.

I’ve played fantasy baseball for well over 10 years and love the game. Doing the research and picking the best players is something I really enjoy doing. And then watching that team come together over an entire season to win a championship gives me a sense of pride.

Just recently I’ve started playing on a DFS website Fantasy Factor. They make it very easy to play daily fantasy baseball. As someone who doesn’t have much experience in the DFS world, Fantasy Factor has made it really easy for me to adjust and have fun doing so.

Baseball is a sport that I have grown to love more-and-more over the years, and fantasy sports is a big reason why.