MLS & EPL Daily Fantasy Soccer

Why Daily Fantasy Soccer Is The New Way To Earn Cash Fast!

Soccer or football as it is most commonly known throughout the world is without a doubt the world’s most popular sport. There are more countries affiliated to FIFA than there are countries affiliated to the United Nations. With many leagues come more chances to play fantasy sports! The issue with that is keeping track of every league is virtually impossible. Besides, different sites manage different scoring systems. Luckily we are here to cover some of the most common leagues and scoring systems so that you can start playing in no time. Especially with this year’s FIFA World Cup that will offer daily games for about a month starting this June. Also, we will help you with basic rules and tips to help you set up a perfect line up!

How To Set Your Line Up

As with many daily fantasy sports leagues in soccer, you have a limited budget to draft your 11 man team. Most of the time players who play as forwards and have a good scoring record under their belt will be worth the most cash. When playing in a daily Champions League contest for example usually Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will be the most expensive players available. They may be a good investment though as they typically net in a goal or two almost every match.

The key to winning though, maybe finding good deals with your back line of defenders! They are typically less expensive players that can have a high scoring potential when it comes to scoring points for your team. Most of the sites out there give you the opportunity to choose how you want your team to play. Essentially meaning how many defenders, midfielders, and forwards you want lining up for your squad forcefully next to one goalkeeper. There are a minimum and a maximum number of players you can line up per position to give you your 11 man squad. That is the first choice you are going to make, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when you make it!

How Many Points Does Each Player Stand To Make?

Like we previously mentioned there are many different types of scoring systems out there for soccer. Today we will cover one of the most popular systems. One used by sites like Draft Kings that allow you to gain points from virtually all aspects of the game. The scoring is as follows for all players:

Goal +10 Pts
Assist +6 Pts
Shot +1 Pt
Shot on Goal +1 Pt
Crosses +0.75 Pts (via a corner kick, open play, and set pieces)
Fouls Drawn +1 Pt
Fouls Conceded -0.5 Pts
Tackle Won +1 Pt
Passes Intercepted (D,M,F) +0.5 Pts
Yellow Card -1.5 Pts
Red Card -3 Pts
Penalty Kick Miss -5 Pts
Clean Sheet (D) +3 Pts
Goalkeepers have extra stat lines that include:
Saves +2 Pts
Goal Conceded -2 Pts
Clean Sheet +5 Pts
Win +5 Pts
Penalty Kick Save +3 Pts

Defenders May Be The Key To Success

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself and you end up spending your “budget” on your favorite player who is a top of the line forward. There is nothing blatantly wrong with that, but like we said having a good defensive line could be the key. In this scoring system, defenders have a great chance to add points for your team. What we recommend is you try and line up defenders that play side back or anywhere close to the wing. As they will have greater opportunities to send crosses into the middle which give decent points in this scoring system. Also as they are constant participants in the game, they could steal a couple of balls and get even more points!

Find High Scoring Midfielders

Up until a couple of years ago both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were listed as midfielders. This allowed players to set up a team that had a huge goal scoring potential all over the pitch. Today both of them are listed as forwards so finding a high scoring midfielder got a bit tougher. There are exceptions, though! For example Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah was one of your Europe’s top scorers in both the Premier League and Champions League and was still listed as a midfielder in some leagues. With the budget restraints applied in most leagues, this is an area where you find yourself typically hunting for a diamond in the rough. How good is your eye for talent? Can you spot the next superstar before the rest of the world catches on?

No Worries You Will Learn Along The Way

When it comes to strikers and keepers, a simple precept applies. Find a top scorer and a keeper who rarely gets scored on! Do your best to do all this within your budget and you’ll be all set! Playing fantasy soccer is not only a great way to earn some cash. It also brings you closer to the game! In no time you will be looking at all of the in-depth analysis of the big games. This will allow you to enjoy the game a new light that you most likely never knew existed. Sign up and get ready for the beautiful game!