NBA Daily Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy sports are a booming industry with the basketball sector growing by the day. As of 2017, there were over 57 million people in the U.S. and Canada alone that participate in fantasy sports. No doubt a heap of them do so with one of the league leaders in the area, Fantasy Factor.

Fantasy basketball takes the experience of viewing and following the sport to an entirely new level. Keeping track of your player’s performances on a nightly basis makes you not only invested in them more but also the game itself. Fantasy Factor is the main avenue for you to get all that information. An added benefit of fantasy basketball is your knowledge of the league, statistics, and analytics grow, making you a more informed NBA fan.

It not only makes your love of the game greater but also helps you form greater bonds and friendships. There’s nothing like a bit of trash talk to friends, especially if your team happens to be doing well, but proceed with caution. Friendly ribbing can come back to bite you. Not everyone can be Joel Embiid with the trash talk. For every time you wanna flex, be sure to remain equally humble in victory or defeat.

There hasn’t been a better time to immerse yourself in fantasy basketball with Fantasy Factor as the nightly statistical phenomenon is out of control. Whether it be triple doubles or other insane stat-lines, those trends are most likely to continue in the 2018-19 season.

Russell Westbrook should continue posting triple-doubles on a near-nightly basis. Nikola Jokic will also be a threat to do so in that area as he continues to develop. Look for healthy and versatile players to fill up your lineups as injury and inconsistency will rob you of valuable points. Based off ESPN’s scores the top 10 scorers from last season were:

Anthony Davis

Giannis Antetokounmpo

James Harden

LeBron James

Karl-Anthony Towns

Russell Westbrook

Nikola Jokic

Kevin Durant

Joel Embiid

Stephen Curry

Players coming back from an injury like Gordon Hayward and Kawhi Leonard could also be worth taking flyers on as their potential upsides are massive. Stay away from DeMarcus Cousins, at least for the early part of the season as he’s unlikely to be a factor until midway through the season. That top-10 looks likely to stand with guys just on the outside like Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons and healthy John Wall to knock on the door of that range too.

Fantasy basketball with Fantasy Factor is a massive investment no doubt, but the reward is worth the time you put in. Put yourself to the test and stay up to date with all your fantasy needs as the 2018-19 season nears with Fantasy Factor, your one-stop place for all your fantasy sports needs.