What is Daily Fantasy Sports

‘’Daily fantasy sports’’ is a term that has been unknown 10 years ago. Nowadays it’s a billion-dollar industry and is still growing. The concept of daily fantasy sports (DFS) is similar to regular fantasy sports leagues that have been around for decades. The difference in DFS is that the results are measured on a daily basis, and not through the course of a whole season of a particular sport. This results in a large number of fantasy games during one season of a sports competition.

It is most popular in the United States, and DFS players can draft professional sports players from major American sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL), but also some other sports such as soccer and golf. It’s estimated that 5% of the American population participates in some kind of DFS. To participate you need to pay a fee and then you can enter various types of games. Most popular are cash games, guaranteed prize pools, head to head meetings and 50/50 games (you earn money if you finish in the top 50% of contestants). Then you pick players to your team and results are created based on their real-life nightly performance.

And while there is some money in season-long fantasy leagues, daily fantasy players can earn thousands of dollars each night, based on their investments and results of their drafted players. Most notable DFS providers are FanDuel and DraftKings, who hold over 90% of the market with more than 10 million users. Daily Fantasy Sports is considered a game of skill and thus it is separate from gambling, and it’s legal in most states in the US. They became popular due to the brevity of the competition, because it is easy to play and they enhance the experience of watching games.

Bragging rights are also included if you play against people you know. But for some people, DFS became much more than a wide smirk at work after you have defeated your coworker. Some people make serious money playing DFS and have made a career out of it. These people are called sharks, similar to professional poker players at online games. They are using spreadsheets, math formulas and doing hours of research and planning before picking their squads. More likely than not they are entering dozens of contest daily in order to maximize their results. It’s a proper job for some people to pick the best achieving players in professional sports, day in and day out. However, like on most online poker sites, only the best of the best rake in the most of the money, while most players hang around in the middle and win occasionally.

Do you want to use your knowledge of sports and earn money? Play Daily Fantasy Sports and you will have a chance to win money on a daily basis. It will bring even more fun in your game watching experience and you can track the scores easily from your smartphone. If you think you got what it takes to pick better than others, you can sign up easily and pick your team today! Best of luck!

What is a Lineup?

In the Daily Fantasy Sports world, your lineup is your everything. It’s your toolbox and your moneymaker. The lineup consists of the players you select in real-world sports. You either win or lose based on their performance and results. That’s why picking a proper lineup is crucial and why some DFS contestants take hours to pick their players. That’s especially true for those who make their living from Daily Fantasy Sports.

How does picking players work?

DFS contests typically use a salary cap regulation where the most valuable players cost the most points or play money. Everybody has the same salary cap and that’s why picking a lineup is interesting and fair. You have to outsmart your competition by picking players who are going to give you the best bang for your buck.

How to optimize your lineup?

There are many tools and lineup optimizers that can help you pick your team. To use these resources is basically a no-brainer because they show you complete statistics and projections of all possible players. It’s a good thing to have two or three different sources of information because they can vary on different sites. Another thing to keep in mind is to follow the latest news and starting lineups of professional teams. You want to have players on your team who are actually going to play. With that being said, you shouldn’t pick your team too soon in case there is a late change in the starting lineup or even a game cancelation.

Some more advice on lineup selection

Leave your emotions and your ego out the door. You don’t want to think you are the smartest guy in the room, because you probably aren’t. There is always going to be somebody who does a crazy amount of research and is more experienced. If you are a fan of a certain team or a player, don’t pick them if there are better alternatives. Also, you need to do your own thinking and be creative. Although there are quality players who are definitely going to score fantasy points for you, they are also going to be picked by a lot of other DFS contestants as well. So you might want to consider going a different route here and there. Researching matchups is another important thing. That can help you pick a player that is not so popular or expensive, but who might perform really well that day. A player in basketball who is averaging 15 points a game might score 25 on a bad defender on the opposing team.

Knowledge is Power

If you are playing occasional fantasy games just for fun, you don’t need to prepare as much. But if you are a regular player and would like to win more, you need to do proper research and collect good information. Follow tips from the pros which are available online. Read and learn how to improve your pickings. Stick to the sports you are more familiar with before playing other sports. And similar to poker, don’t play every hand or every game. It’s your hard earned money, after all. Be responsible with it.

What is a Salary Cap?

In most daily fantasy sports competitions, contestants are awarded the same amount of play money to spend on players. Player cost is based on their past performances and future projections, among other things. Each site has their own secret algorithm of player value, so people wouldn’t exploit it. The general rule on every DFS site is that more quality players are going to be more expensive. For example, site Fantasy Factor has a salary cap of 50000$ in play money, with an average player cost of 5000$. Most expensive players cost 10000$. That is why a salary cap regulation makes things interesting. It disallows contestants to choose all the best players, and players must choose wisely on whom are they going to spend their salary cap.

Do you need to use all of the salary cap?

Math would advise you to use all available cap and pick players in order to spend every fantasy dollar. However, more money doesn’t necessarily mean more productivity. Sometimes a best possible lineup of the day can be made with only 75% of the salary cap. Nevertheless, most people still try to use all of the cap and regularly spend more than 95% of the available money.

Right Player vs the Right Position

Not all sports are the same. In basketball, positions don’t matter as much and high production can come from all 5 positions. But in football or baseball, things are a little different. In those sports, major production comes from more consistent positions. In football, you will want to spend more of your salary cap on quarterbacks and running backs and in baseball on pitchers. Pitcher Chris Sale costs the maximum salary of 10000$ on Fantasy Factor, but he is second in the league in fantasy points per game, trailing only Mark Scherzer who costs 9900$. Picking those pitchers will be expensive, but it will be money well spent.

Different contests, different strategies

Different fantasy contests require different strategies. In 50/50 games you need to end up in the upper half of contestants to get paid, and it’s the same whether you finish first or 50th out of 100. Therefore, it’s better to opt for more consistent players who are very likely to score fantasy points, so you don’t want to allocate your cap on risky picks. In GPP (guaranteed prize pool) games opting for a stable production will less likely bring you results. In those games, only the top percent of the contestants cash out, so you need to make sure you achieve high scores. You need to stand out from most contestants by picking more outside the box. It’s a high-risk, high reward environment.

Keep Track of Winners

In all aspects of life, it is good to look at people who are successful and DFS is no different. If you continually study lineups who win contests you will surely pick up a few things. It will definitely help you to maybe have a different look at certain players and to allocate your salary cap more efficiently. Good luck with your pickings!

What is a Survivor Pool?

Survivor pools are a type of fantasy contest you can play online. They are also called eliminator pools, suicide pools or last man standing pools. The basic premise of this kind of contest is picking one winning NFL team each of the 17 weeks of the NFL season.

You choose one game each week and try to pick a winning team. If your team wins, you advance to the next week. If they lose, you are out. The catch is that you can’t pick the same team twice, thus disabling players to select the best team each week and making the competition interesting.

Although this kind of contest seems really simple, it is actually quite difficult to advance and stay alive throughout the season, as you need to pick correctly 17 times in a row. This sort of ‘’staying alive’’ premise has brought excitement and popularity to survivor pools, and they count more and more fantasy players.

Most Common Survivor Tactics

So what are some tactics on how to succeed in NFL Survivor? Some common tactics include saving better picks for later in the season, while others try to go with the biggest favorite and try to survive as long as they can.

A strategy can depend on the size of the Survivor Pool. If there is a small pool of players, a conservative strategy may prove to be correct, and you may win the contest even before the half of the season. For example, In 2016, about 10% of survivor entries nationwide were alive after Week 9, and in 2015 less than 10% of survivor entries were alive after Week 2.

Here is a chart that shows the progression of the survivors’ odds per week. In week two the odds are for 49% contestants to survive, in week three about 35%, and by week seven it’s less than 10%.

‘’It’s all mathematics’’ – Mos Def

Mathematically you have the best chance of winning if you plan your season. Some teams are going to be favorites only a couple of weeks in a season, and that is when you need to pick them. Teams like Patriots or Green Bay are going to be favorites for much of the year, and you can choose them later on. This tactic does not guarantee you will win since injuries and upsets happen every day in football, but you are giving yourself a good game plan to advance late in the season, which is the main goal of the game.

The Opportunity to Win Big

Survivor fantasy games can be a lot of fun, especially if you play against the people you know and there are bragging rights involved. However, if you pick correctly and have a bit of luck, it can be pretty lucrative as well. For example, the site Fantasy Factor has a Survivor pool with a million dollar prize. The entry is free, so you can still claim one of the spots here: http://bit.ly/2CBcPNO  

What are Single Entry Contests?

Why Are They Good

Single entry contests prioritize skill and knowledge over the size of the bankroll. Of course, that skill is needed in a multi-entry contest as well, but there you can re-enter if you mess up. And some people just like to see their place at the top, no matter the earnings and how many times they have entered.

In the single entry, there is none of that. No complicated algorithms, no veteran players with big bankrolls who show up with 100 or more different lineups. Here is an excellent article on collusion in Daily Fantasy Sports, and why it’s directly correlated to multiple entry systems: http://bit.ly/2CTu1hO

If you know your sport and have a little bit of luck, playing single entry contest will give you the fairest opportunity to take home the big prize.

Who is Single Entry Contest For?

Single entry contests are made for recreational fantasy players and sports enthusiasts. On some sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel too much revolves about money, and people do not have that much fun. They think they are, but the odds are that fun is mixed with a solid dose of anxiety and aggravation.

By the research of Mckinsey and Co., it is reported that in the first half of the 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, 91 percent of DFS player profits were won by just 1.3 percent of players. And that 1.3 % accounted for 40% of the total entry fees!

The logic is simple; bigger bankroll equals more opportunity to win. And if you are willing to spend a big bag of cash, that’s fine, go for it. But if you look at Daily Fantasy Sports as something fun and recreational, single entry contests are for you.

Win More Money by Playing Single Entry

If you do not consider yourself a DFS shark and are not willing to spend a lot of money to diversify your lineups, by choosing single entry contests you have more chance to win! If you are skilled and knowledgeable, by going mano a mano against your opponent you have a good chance to actually win some money playing DFS.

If you are ready to put your sports knowledge to the test, come to play at Fantasy Factor, a site which offers single entry contests only, to maximize YOUR chance to win. Choose your sport (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, EPL) and best of luck!