How to Play a Season-Long League

Season-Long Fantasy Leagues

If you are a fan of any major American sport like basketball, football, baseball or any other sports chances are you spend a certain amount of time watching sports channels. Whether you catch the latest highlight shows or get a more in-depth opinion on the top games, then you probably have come across one of the fantasy league shows! Here usually, a bunch of regular joes are on screen crunching numbers! The reason these shows feature regular guys is that, that’s all you need to be a fantasy

expert! Full season fantasy leagues are a great excuse to hang out with friends at least once a week. They force you to keep up to date with all of your favorite sports events. Basically, they make you a better fan!

How To Play Season-Long Fantasy Leagues

The most common way to play a full season fantasy league is to gather a group of friends and form a league. In it, each person will own and manage their own team! You pick a team from a pool of players in a yearly draft. From then on you manage your players via trades pickups of free players and release guys that are underperforming. You live the real-life experiences that team managers have to face week in and week out! In the old days, people would develop their own scoring systems, and figure out each teams points based on league stats.

Today thankfully all you need to do is sign up on an online league. Websites give you the opportunity to create a league via their platform. All you need is for your friends to sign up online. The system will then guide you through league play step by step. It will include one yearly draft, and a week to week game schedule where players will face off in their own team league play.

Can I Join Multiple Leagues?

If you are looking for a chance to win weekly prizes, your best bet is to join multiple leagues. Don’t worry you won’t have to start looking for multiple groups of friends. On some websites you can join a multitude of leagues and styles of league play. That way you can play the whole year with weekly prizes!

Play For Fun or Cash

Year-long fantasy leagues keep guys gathering at bars on any given day because every game counts! This will make you watch and develop an interest in games you never thought you’d’ enjoy watching. Like a Browns vs Bills NFL game. If you happen to have players from those squads on your team, you are probably going to be keeping at least a watchful eye on the game. Season-Long leagues can be set up by friends just for fun, or you can add a little spice by placing bets on weekly games, and a season champion.

Whether you’re looking to have a good time, or you want to make a couple of bucks while having fun, sign up at Fantasy Factor today and get your draft board ready! (Need to change this) maybe something about super bowl