NFL Daily Fantasy Football

Every Sunday Is Draft Day With Daily Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has been a main staple in American culture for decades now! People started forming leagues and keeping track of their own scores long time before the digital era. It is one of the best aspects of Football season. When Draft Day rolls around each player thinks they have it all figured out. The reality is that by the first couple of weeks your top picks could all end up on injured reserve. Leaving you scrambling to find players from the “unwanted” player pool or waiver wire. Yes, in some cases you can potentially find a diamond in the rough it takes a lot more luck than skill to make the right pick. All that anticipation and excitement that built up to the draft can come crashing down in just a couple of plays. Leaving you with the obligation of getting through the rest of the season even if you have long lost your chances to win. Luckily you can avoid all that altogether with Daily Fantasy Football. Daily Fantasy Football allows you to draft a new team every week. Constantly renewing your chances to win and win big!

How To Play?

In Daily Fantasy Football you don’t need to join leagues or gather up enough friends to play. You can simply sign up online in sites like DraftKings, FanDuel and Fantasy Factor. You can select the type of contest you would like to participate in (paid, free, special offers, league, classic) and you can draft anyone you want and start playing! This is a quicker way to earn money, and the best thing is that one bad week won’t ruin your whole season. You won’t have to worry about anyone choosing your favorite players! Most Daily Fantasy Football sites allow you to choose players from the entire player pool without restrictions. Which means that you can choose the best and highest scoring players available. This also makes watching the game a lot more fun. You won’t be stuck watching a winless team trying to pull an improbable upset. Unless of course, you want to be!

How To Set Your Lineup?

Most sites will have you select a line up consisting of 1 Quarterback 2 Running Backs 2 Wide Receivers 1 Tight End 1 Flex Player 1 Kicker and some may or may not include a Defense. A flex player can be either a Wide Receiver or a running back. This is where things get tricky, though! Most Daily Fantasy Football leagues allow you to draft any player you want, but put a value on each player and give you a limited budget to fill your team. This is called a salary cap mode. Typically, football teams will want to draft a decent quarterback to lead the team. In this case, you don’t need a leader, and quarterbacks are not that important in Fantasy Football. The first rookie mistake is trying to spend a good portion of your budget on a top QB.

Running Backs are the Key to Success!!

They are mostly the only players on the field that will run and catch the ball. This allows them to usually be the ones that rack up the most points. Wide Receivers don’t typically run, but receiving yards rack up more points than passing yards. A good receiver is more valuable than a decent QB in DFF. Finding 3 good running backs on a decent budget may be the key to a good line up. Most of the time you want an RB at the flex spot. Unless you can find one of those short yardage receivers at a low price!

Tight Ends, Kickers, and Defense

Although we are going to talk about them last doesn’t mean that they are the least important. An elite tight end is basically the same as a top receiver these days. Yet, people tend to stay away from them when on a budget. The best Tight Ends are the ones that score a lot of touchdowns. These are the guys that don’t rack up too many yards but will always have at least a touchdown at the end of the day. You can usually find them cheaper than wide receivers. It’s good to fish for a good value pick here. Kickers are as strange in fantasy football as they are in real football. Kickers from average teams usually are the best, because their team can’t get into the end zone much, and they get called on often. One of these kickers on a good day can save a team! Defense is not present in all forms of DFF. When it is though, try to find the ones with the most sacks and interceptions. If you are low on budget points, then play the matchups! Chose a defense that plays a bad offensive team that week.

If You Mess Up Then Try Again… and Again!

You have 17 regular season weeks per year to score big. Plus all the different contests that take place in the playoffs, and the millions of dollars in Super Bowl week prizes. If you are just getting started don’t worry. By mid-season, you can be a complete expert! Play for big prizes, challenge your friends and enjoy the game responsibly!