NHL Daily Fantasy Hockey

NHL Daily Fantasy Hockey

There is no doubt that fantasy sports are booming right now, and with games taking place pretty much every day throughout the season, hockey is one of the most popular fantasy sports to play. In 2017 we saw over 57 million people play fantasy sports in the US and Canada, with many more participating around the world.

When you play fantasy hockey, you are adding value to your experience as a fan. This allows you to see the game in a completely different way, and look out for things that you may have missed before. You should get a better understanding of the game almost straight away as you look out for particular players and what they are doing both on and off the puck. Fantasy Factor is the main hub for information when it comes to fantasy hockey, giving you the statistics and analytics you need to make you a better hockey fan, and also a better fantasy player.

The social side of fantasy sports is something else to consider. There is nothing better than getting one over in a big game against a friend or family member, you are sure to enjoy and saviour your big fantasy wins. Don’t be too loud though, and expect to get plenty of trash talk back should you lose a game! Fantasy sports bring people and families together, giving them something to compete over, while enjoying the game they love.

Now is a great time to become a big player in the world of fantasy sports. With your love for NHL hockey combined with the Fantasy Factor statistical analysis, you will have the upper edge and all the tools you need to put together a formidable fantasy hockey team.

The 2017/18 NHL season was dominated by the emergence of two big attacking threats. Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon was the league MVP for many after carrying the Avs to the playoffs but the official award went to Taylor Hall, who did the same with the New Jersey Devils.

Below are the top 10 ranked fantasy players from ESPN for the 2018/19 season:

Connor McDavid

Alex Ovechkin

Nikita Kucherov

Sidney Crosby

John Tavares

Nathan MacKinnon

Brad Marchand

Blake Wheeler

Brent Burns

Evgeni Malkin

You will note that MacKinnon features in that list, but not last season’s MVP Taylor Hall, who looks set to regress if you believe the ESPN rankings. Being just 23 years old, MacKinnon is regarded by many as a player who could take another step forward this season, if he does that he could well be the top points scorer in the entire league.

Taking part in fantasy hockey and using Fantasy Factor is a big investment, but you will get a reward for the time you put in. Playing fantasy sports is great, but you need to take it seriously and keep up to date with all the latest news and information, which is where Fantasy Factor will help you out. Make sure Fantasy Factor is your number one for the 2018/19 Fantasy hockey season.