NHL Daily Fantasy Hockey

Hockey is one of the four major professional American sports and has a large fan base. However, NHL is the least favorite league for fantasy players. If you are a hockey fan and know a lot about the league and the players, you can use that to your advantage. If not, you can continue reading and learn more about the nuances of hockey in daily fantasy sports. NHL daily fantasy is available to play on every fantasy site and is one of the six leagues you can choose on Fantasy Factor.

Contests in hockey are similar to those of other fantasy leagues. You have tournaments, head to heads, 50/50 games, and freerolls. Scoring points in NHL is a little bit different on each fantasy site. It’s crucial to keep track on the scoring system, to gain advantage and choose players optimally.
Fantasy factor has lineup configuration of 9 players (2 centers, 2 left and right wings, 2 defenders and a goalie). Points are scored for goals, assists, plus-minus, shots, hits, blocks and power plays. Goalies score their points for winning, saves and conceded goals.

Goalies and wins go together

When it comes to picking players, it’s recommended to start with the goalie. Since winning will get you three fantasy points, selecting the goalie on a winning team will likely be better than a goalie who saves more shots and loses. The best strategy is to find the cheapest goalie on a team that’s projected to win that night.
Overpaying at this position doesn’t make much sense, because an expensive winger like Ovechkin can score much more fantasy points than the best goalie. Keep in mind that come playoff time, defenses get tighter, and goalies can garner more saves and concede fewer goals, thus increasing their value. You want to own a starting goalie, and you can find that information online before the game starts. Fantasy Factor also has “TEAM GOALIES”, so you don’t have to sweat which goalie will actually start. Pick the team, and you’ll collect points no matter which goalie plays.

Hockey nuances to keep in mind

What differentiates hockey from other sports is the fact that the best players on a team don’t play together all the time. More often than not the best players are paired in line with some fewer quality players for a team to have equally good lines. Because of that, you can pick a player who costs less, but his opportunity for goals and assists increases because he is playing in line with a superstar player.
Stacking lines is a strategy where you can pick players from the same line in a particular team, to maximize your result if they can perform well together during their time on the ice. Choosing defensive players can often be a difference between winning or losing. Because if you pick a defenseman who can get you assists/goals can get you many fantasy points. The same goes for defensemen who are in the game on power plays, where the opportunity for a goal increases.

Read, think, and have some luck

Overall, much advice that applies to other fantasy sports applies to hockey as well. Following NHL beat writers and daily fantasy news is smart and will produce better lineups. It’s better to choose your team later in the day than earlier due to possible changes. If you are playing 50/50 games, it’s better to opt for a more stable lineup with consistent point-getters. In cash games, it’s better to involve more risk to differentiate and finish at the top. Watch for matchups, home/road play, and streaks. Also, have some luck on your side if you can!