Yahoo DFS Alternative

The Underdog

Since the rise of daily fantasy sports leagues, there has been serious competition between different platforms that provide fun, rewards, and a debate. Regarding which site should be considered the best option to play on. Sites like FanDuel, Starting Eleven, or DraftKings have been around for quite some time and have positioned themselves as the go-to options when it comes to DFS platforms.

Shortly after that, there was a global growth of these sites and their number of leagues and online players. New sites and platforms emerged in order to compete and provide alternatives for playing online games that required of both skill and luck.

That’s when in 2015, the popular tech giant Yahoo! launched their own DFS platform on their site. To become the direct competition of the private developers (FanDuel, DraftKings). Even though FD and DK had been around for quite some time at the moment, (and had already made strategic alliances with sports networks like ESPN) the Yahoo! DFS platform had an immediate impact on the market, and quickly rose to occupy 3rd place behind DFS giants FanDuel and DraftKings, mainly because the Yahoo! Browser and it’s different platforms (E-mail, news) offered a high volume of other DFS sites Ads. This actually meant other sites were paying their competition for attention, which immediately catapulted Yahoo! DFS to become one of the most popular platforms nowadays.

Game Time

So, after we learned a little bit about the origins of the Yahoo! DFS platform you may ask how it compares to the most popular DFS platforms out there.

For starters, Yahoo! multiple platforms have always been reliable when it comes to protecting personal information and has been present in our tech culture since the very beginning. So you already know the DFS platform itself it’s really a great developed software that offers intuitive content when it comes to choosing between sports, leagues and game modes. In comparison to other platforms that mainly focus on players that have been playing DFS for a long time and already know how the platform works. Yahoo! on the other side offers novice users a better chance to become active players pretty quickly without the frustration on having to learn (most of the times) on their own. While practically giving their money away.

The Right Call

A great number of DFS players focus mainly on the win ratio, and payout opportunities these platforms offer. That is the main difference between Yahoo! DFS and other platforms. Even though Yahoo! offers prizes and payouts to players like any other platform, the amount of money or prizes offered isn’t considered as strong as the ones DraftKings or FanDuel give out. On the other hand, Yahoo! is much easier, and cheaper to play when you compare it to its competition. Similar to Yahoo, Fantasy Factor is designed to be a simpler and less cluttered website to play DFS. A function that makes Fantasy Factor such a user-friendly website is “quick pick” which is an algorithm that optimizes for a great lineup! This algorithm selects your lineup. This is an easy way to create your team and then swap out for a few picks.

Fantasy Factor focuses mainly on the leagues being easy to subscribe to, as well as having active players of all different levels. So, without a lot of previous knowledge on DFS, you have a very good chance to perform excellently on Fantasy Factor and maybe, win big!