Where can I see how many points I have?

Make sure you are logged in, then in the top right (where you should see your nickname), click on the dropdown arrow and click on My Account or Deposit then click the hamburger menu icon at the top right hand corner (3 horizontal lines).

How long do withdrawals take to be processed?

Please allow up to 48 hours for withdrawal requests to be reviewed and processed.

How do I cancel my withdrawal request?

To return a pending withdrawal to your account balance, proceed to the Withdrawal page, click on PENDING, then CANCEL WITHDRAWAL, then confirm.

What is the withdrawal fee?

Your first withdrawal at Fantasy Factor is free. Furthermore, withdrawals are free up to the amount you have deposited. After which a 10% withdrawal fee is charged. This withdrawal fee is taken out of your account at the time of withdrawal.

Why do you charge a withdrawal fee?

The ecology of the site is very important to Fantasy Factor. The withdrawal fees are held in an account and used for the sole purpose of funding initiatives to drive recreational players to the site.

Are there any restrictions on deposit bonuses? 

All deposit bonuses, internal cash credits, contest refund credits, etc. must be put in play with the corresponding deposit three times prior to withdrawal. For example, if $10 was received as a deposit bonus for a $50 deposit, $180 ($60×3) must be entered into contests and played (contests that are subsequently refunded are not included) prior to cashing out any portion of the $50 original deposit and the $10 bonus. Deposit Bonuses are also intended for players with little to no cash balance. As such, withdrawals may not be made until the above conditions are met AND the customer’s account balance is below the level it was at when the Deposit Bonus was credited to the account.

When a deposit qualifies for more than one deposit bonus offer, only one offer will be awarded, that being the offer that results in the larger cash credit.

Can I edit my lineup once the contest has started?
Yes, lineups can be edited after the contest has started. If you have a player or players in your lineup and their game has not yet started, you may remove and replace with another player within the salary cap. Simply click on MY CONTESTS in the lobby, then LIVE CONTESTS. Select the lineup you would like to edit, then to the right, below the lineup to the right, you will see the EDIT button.

What is a Guaranteed Contest?
A Guaranteed Contest is a contest that is guaranteed to run. Note that even a guaranteed contest must reach 3 players minimum.

How are contests scored?
We receive live updates from our statistics provider during each game. After each game, we receive a final box score which is used to calculate the final fantasy scores. Once the final box score is received for each game in a fantasy contest, fantasy scoring is finalized, winners are paid and the contest is considered complete. There will be no scoring revisions in the rare event that player statistics are changed after a contest is completed.

What if a player I selected is injured and doesn’t play?
If a player does not play in a game, he will not earn fantasy points. While we try to ensure that up-to-date injury statuses and player news are available to our members, lineup selection is ultimately the responsibility of each contestant.

How are cancelled and postponed games scored?
If a game is delayed and played later the same day, the game will be scored as normal. If a game is cancelled or postponed to a later date, no points will be awarded for players in the cancelled or postponed game.

What happens when a game is suspended?
If a game is suspended until a future date, fantasy points accumulated up until the suspension of that game will be awarded. Fantasy points accumulated when the game resumes at its later date will not count towards the contest.

What happens if there is a doubleheader?
Players will never accumulate fantasy points from multiple games played in a single day. In the event of a doubleheader, only one game played will be scored in our fantasy contest. Fantasy Points will only be awarded for the game which begins at the time listed in the contest details.

A player I selected was traded to a different team. How will that affect my contest?
If a player in the Available Player pool has been traded, he will only earn fantasy points if he plays for his new team during the same contest period. If the player’s new team is not participating in the games included in that day’s fantasy contest, he will not score any points. It is rare that a player is traded to a new team, travels and then plays for his new team on the same day. If you selected a player that has been traded, it is recommended that you review your lineup and make any necessary edits prior to the contest deadline.

Why was my contest cancelled?
We reserve the right to cancel any fantasy contest at our discretion. In most instances, contests will only be cancelled if they do not meet the required number of entrants. If a contest is cancelled, your entry fee will automatically be credited to your account balance.

How do I withdraw from a contest I have entered?

To withdraw from a contest go to MY CONTESTS, then UPCOMING CONTESTS. Then click on VIEW LINEUP of the contest from which you would like to withdraw. At the bottom left of the lineup you will see a square button with a number, click there and you will see the WITHDRAW button here. Click WITHDRAW to deregister from the contest. Note that you cannot withdraw from a contest that is already full.

How does Quick Pick work?
The Quick Pick feature randomly selects a team using an optimization algorithm. You can pick one (or more) favorites first, then fill in the rest of your team by clicking the button, or pick a team then swap out a few picks.

What happens when a player is traded?
Contests are created about a week in advance. If a player is traded in between the contest being created and starting, the player’s old information will still be displayed. If the player is playing in the event group for his new team, points will accrue. We are working to improve this functionality.

Am I allowed to play DFS from my state?
YES!! On Fantasy Factor, everyone can play Daily Fantasy Contests for FREE for prizes. There are several states that do not allow Daily Fantasy Sports for real money: Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington. If you disagree with this, contact your state representative and let them know! There are also several states that require licensing that Fantasy Factor considers too restrictive and/or expensive: Nevada, Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Missouri. If you would like to see Fantasy Factor in your state, contact your state representative and tell them to lower their DFS licensing requirements! New York currently has a moratorium on new Fantasy Sports licenses. Fantasy Factor will acquire a license as soon as it is able in New York.

We also restrict real money play from the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia for legal reasons.

Also note you must be at least 21 years of age (or have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction), and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

My state was recently restricted. How do I cash out?

Please note that you may still maintain a balance in your account and continue to play in most jurisdictions. You are also able to enter FREE contests for prizes, and Fantasy Factor will continue to offer many of those along with promotions for FREE prizes. Fantasy Factor will also soon be offering play with points for points, that can be exchanged for merchandise.

Furthermore, we also plan to continue communications with these states in the hopes we can resume real money offerings at some time in the future.

If you would still like to cashout, no problem, we understand, and we thank you very much for your business, we value all of our customers, and appreciate you spending some of your time on Fantasy Factor. Please send us an email and we will make a temporary adjustment to allow a one-time cashout of your account balance.

Why is New York restricted?

New York state is currently not awarding new licenses for Fantasy Sports. Two years ago they did award licensees to several operators, but it was before Fantasy Factor was operating. Fantasy Factor is in contact with the New York Gaming Commission and we will work toward getting a license as soon as the application process opens again. We still allow free play in New York.

Do you issue 1099 forms? What are the tax implications on my winnings?

Fantasy Factor is based in British Columbia, Canada. We do not issue 1099 forms or file any reporting to the IRS. We suggest you check with an accountant in your specific jurisdiction to confirm your filing requirements. We are happy to provide any account summaries you require or any other info on request.

Do you have an app?

We do not maintain an app. We have decided to focus on a responsive web platform that resizes optimally to your screen dimensions, including mobile devices. If you would like to add the Fantasy Factor icon to your phone, here are the steps:


1) Go to the site: www.fantasyfactor.com

2) Tap on the share button (icon that looks like a square with an arrow up)

3) Then on Add to Home Screen (icon with a plus sign)


1) Go to the site: www.fantasyfactor.com

2) Tap on the three buttons top right

3) Then tap “Add to Home Screen”