Deposit & Withdraw on Fantasy Factor

What are the different deposit methods accepted on Fantasy Factor?

Fantasy Factor accepts major credit cards Visa and MasterCard as well as PayPal and Bitcoin

How can I deposit on Fantasy Factor?

To make a deposit, visit the deposit page.
You can make a deposit using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or Bitcoin.

What is Fantasy Factor’s withdrawal policy?

All deposit bonuses, internal cash credits, contest refund credits, etc. must be put in play with the corresponding deposit three times prior to withdrawal. For example, if $10 was received as a deposit bonus for a $50 deposit, $180 ($60×3) must be entered into contests and played prior to cashing out any portion of the $50 original deposit and the $10 bonus. As such, withdrawals may not be made until the above conditions are met OR the customer’s account balance is below the level it was at when the Deposit Bonus was credited to the account.

How can I submit a withdrawal?

To submit a withdrawal, visit the withdrawal page.
You may withdraw using PayPal or Bitcoin.
You need at least $10.00 available to withdraw.