Survivor Pools and Contests

Survivor pools are a type of fantasy contest you can play online. They are also called eliminator pools, suicide pools or last man standing pools. The basic premise of this kind of contest is picking one winning NFL team each of the 17 weeks of the NFL season.

You choose one game each week and try to pick a winning team. If your team wins, you advance to the next week. If they lose, you are out. The catch is that you can’t pick the same team twice, thus disabling players to select the best team each week and making the competition interesting. There are variations to this format but this is the standard.

Although this kind of contest seems really simple, it is actually quite difficult to advance and stay alive throughout the season, as you need to pick correctly 17 times in a row. This sort of ‘’staying alive’’ premise has brought excitement and popularity to survivor pools, and they count more and more fantasy players.

Most common Survivor tactics

So what are some tactics on how to succeed in NFL Survivor? Some common tactics include saving better picks for later in the season, while others try to go with the biggest favorite and try to survive as long as they can.

A strategy can depend on the size of the Survivor Pool. If there is a small pool of players, a conservative strategy may prove to be correct, and you may win the contest even before the half of the season. According to Team Rankings, in 2016, about 10% of survivor entries nationwide were alive after Week 9, and in 2015 less than 10% of survivor entries were alive after Week 2.

Here is a chart that shows the progression of the survivors’ odds per week. In week two the odds are for 49% contestants to survive, in week three about 35%, and by week seven it’s less than 10%.

‘’It’s all mathematics’’ – Mos Def

Mathematically you have the best chance of winning if you plan your season. Some teams are going to be favorites only a couple of weeks in a season, and that is when you need to pick them. Teams like Patriots or Green Bay are going to be favorites for much of the year, and you can choose them later on. This tactic does not guarantee you will win since injuries and upsets happen every day in football, but you are giving yourself a good game plan to advance late in the season, which is the main goal of the game.

The opportunity to win big

Survivor fantasy games can be a lot of fun, especially if you play against the people you know and there are bragging rights involved. However, if you pick correctly and have a bit of luck, it can be pretty lucrative as well. For example, Fantasy Factor ran a Survivor pool with a million dollar prize and the entry was free.