What is a lineup?

What is a lineup?

In the Daily Fantasy Sports world, and on Fantasy Factor, your lineup is your everything. It’s your toolbox and your money-maker. The lineup consists of the players you select in real-world sports. You either win or lose based on their performance and results. That’s why picking a proper lineup is crucial and why some DFS contestants take hours to pick their players. That’s especially true for those who make their living from Daily Fantasy Sports.

How does picking players work?

DFS contests on Fantasy Factor use a salary cap regulation where the most valuable players cost the most points or play money. Everybody has the same salary cap and that’s why picking a lineup is interesting and fair. You have to outsmart your competition by picking players who are going to give you the best bang for your buck.

How to optimize your lineup?

There are many tools and lineup optimizers that can help you pick your team. To use these resources is basically a no-brainer because they show you complete statistics and projections of all possible players. It’s a good thing to have two or three different sources of information because they can vary on different sites. Fantasy Factor also has a Quick Pick function that will select a lineup for you. The lineup is part random and part optimized to complete your lineup based on recent stats. Quite a few players use Quick Pick to get them started, then fine tune their lineup. Another thing to keep in mind is to follow the latest news and starting lineups of professional teams. You want to have players on your team who are actually going to play. With that being said, you shouldn’t pick your team too soon in case there is a late change in the starting lineup or even a game cancelation. Fantasy Factor has email alerts that will advise when one of your players is injured.

Some more advice on lineup selection

Leave your emotions and your ego out the door. You don’t want to think you are the smartest guy in the room, because you probably aren’t. There is always going to be somebody who does a crazy amount of research and is more experienced. If you are a fan of a certain team or a player, don’t pick them if there are better alternatives. Also, you need to do your own thinking and be creative. Although there are quality players who are definitely going to score fantasy points for you, they are also going to be picked by a lot of other DFS contestants as well. So, you might want to consider going a different route here and there. Researching matchups is another important thing. That can help you pick a player that is not so popular or expensive, but who might perform really well that day. A player in basketball who is averaging 15 points a game might score 25 on a bad defender on the opposing team.

Knowledge is power

If you are playing occasional fantasy games at Fantasy Factor just for fun, you don’t need to prepare as much. But if you are a regular player and would like to win more, you need to do proper research and collect good information. Follow tips from the pros which are available online. Read and learn how to improve your pickings. Stick to the sports you are more familiar with before playing other sports. And similar to poker, don’t play every hand or every game. It’s your hard-earned money, after all. Be responsible with it.