What is Quickpick?

No one would argue the joy and delight that can come with playing daily fantasy sports. The rapid growth and expansion of fantasy sports have continued to drive forward the enjoyment of fandom. Fans all around the world routinely dive into single entry contests for the challenge, the enjoyment, and the money. However, picking the best lineup can be quite time consuming and frustrating. Which players will score the most points? Who has the best matchup? How should you spread out your spending? Fear
not daily fantasy sports gamers because Quick Pick is here!

Fantasy Factor’s Quick Pick allows fantasy gamers the luxury of having a top team without the hassle. They have an algorithm that will randomly optimize your team. Instead of pouring countless hours of research and analysis into your entry, you can instead choose to delegate that to Quick Pick. And without worry! Your DFS team will be under the salary cap, have all the required positions, and be ready to perform.

Even better, Quick Pick gives daily fantasy sports gamers ultimate flexibility. Gamers have the following options with Quick Pick:

  • Let Quick Pick optimize your entire lineup
  • Pick 1 or more players and let Quick Pick take care of the rest
  • Pick your entire lineup without the help of Quick Pick, then experiment with swapping out 1 or more players at a time with Quick Pick substitutions

With this flexibility, you can still feel like your team is unique. Part of the fun of fantasy sports is feeling connected to the athletes. It’s almost as if you are a small general manager of a team. Then, when you watch the actual games played, you can cheer on your lineup. But unlike a general manager, you have the option to delegate resources to acquire an elite lineup. Regardless of whether you used Quick Pick or not, it was your choice what players are a part of your team.

Best of all, the Quick Pick feature is completely free to try. You don’t even need a DFS account with Fantasy Factor to test it out. Pick a single entry contest to experiment with. For example, take the preseason contest, “NFL $10 10-Team League (Thursday included)”. Pick your first six players: Alex Smith, Rob Kelley, Alex Collins, Josh Doctson, T.Y. Hilton, and Rob Gronkowski. That leaves three positions still to be picked: FLEX1, FLEX2, and Defense. Quick Pick’ing the rest gives your team DeMarcus
Ayers, Geoff Swaim, and the Miami Dolphins DST. These could have been players that you hadn’t heard of or overlooked completely. This is why Quick Pick at Fantasy Factor gives daily fantasy sports gamers the ultimate advantage.