Daily Fantasy Sports in California

DFS Sports In California

California is a great state to live in for sports fans, and customers of Fantasy Factor. You can play virtually any sport you can think of within the state, thanks to its privileged location next to the sea and snowy mountains. As a fan of pro sports, you are also in for a feast regardless of what sport it is that you follow. California currently has 4 NFL football teams in the Raiders, Niners, Rams, and Chargers. At least for one more season until the Raiders move to Vegas. It has 4 NBA franchises in the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, and Kings. It is the capital of the NBA at least for this season as LeBron and Curry will both call California home. Add to that 4 MLB teams, 3 NHL teams, and 3 MLS teams. Honestly, if you don’t like sports your going to have a tough time in California. This makes it heaven for fantasy sports players. As they can bet on local teams from any league in America. Does it matter though that you can bet on local teams? Is living in California an advantage to fantasy players? Can you play Daily Fantasy Sports Legally in California? Let’s find out!

Know The Law

As of the time we wrote this article just about every single DFS site is legal to play in California, and that of course includes Fantasy Factor. We don’t anticipate legislation changing anytime soon. There is one very unique situation in California that those of you who live there probably know. In California, you cannot build casinos unless they are located on a reservation. So what many Californians do, especially in L.A., is head to Vegas to gamble. When it comes to DFS people living in Nevada have to come to California to play. As Nevada has practically banned all DFS sites! The next time someone from Vegas tells you they are going to L.A. to place a bet don’t look at them with a puzzled look!

Is There A Benefit To Living In California and Playing DFS?

Well, you play while you are sitting on the beach, riding on a ski lift or while waiting in line to meet Mickey Mouse, but those are not the only advantages to playing DFS in Cali. You see you get local reports on players from about a third of the league. If you are wondering what difference does it make let us explain! Most of the national sports reporters have a network of locals that feed them information about teams. Most of the times the guys you see on ESPN are not actually watching players develop day by day. Local reporters though are up to date on things like injuries, and locker room beefs first hand. As they actually interact with players directly. As a local, you can find them easily in the paper, local news, and other media outlets. Yeah, they post their stuff on the internet, but they usually leave some stuff out for locals. Even if they don’t, it sounds romantic to think that they do! Fantasy Factor also has breaking news reports on all players.

Playing DFS in California is number one: totally legal, number two: easier, and number three: a lot more passionate and fun since you can see many games live! So why wait to sign up for your favorite league today, and go get some game tickets and enjoy! Fantasy Factor is the best place to play DFS in California!

Why play Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports is a term that was unknown 10 years ago. Nowadays it’s a billion-dollar industry and is still growing. The concept of daily fantasy sports (DFS) is similar to regular fantasy sports leagues that have been around for decades. The difference in DFS is that the results are measured on a daily basis, and not through the course of a whole season of a particular sport. This results in a large number of fantasy games during one season of a sports competition.

It is most popular in the United States, especially California, and DFS players can draft professional sports players from major American sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL), but also some other sports such as soccer and golf. It’s estimated that 5% of the American population participates in some kind of DFS. California, of course has more major league sports teams than any other states, a whopping 19!

MLB: Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants
NFL: Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings
NHL: Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks
MLS: LA Galaxy, Los Angeles FC, San Jose Earthquakes

To participate you need to pay a fee and then you can enter various types of games. Most popular are cash games, guaranteed prize pools, head-to-head meetings and 50/50 games (you earn money if you finish in the top 50% of contestants). Then you pick players to your team and results are created based on their real-life nightly performance. And while there is some money in season-long fantasy leagues, daily fantasy players can earn thousands of dollars each night, based on their investments and results of their drafted players. Most notable DFS providers are FanDuel and DraftKings, who hold over 90% of the market with more than 10 million users. Daily Fantasy Sports is considered a game of skill and thus, it is separate from gambling, and it’s legal in most states in the US. They became popular due to the brevity of the competition, because it is easy to play, and they enhance the experience of watching games. Bragging rights are also included if you play against people you know. But for some people, DFS became much more than a wide smirk at work after you have defeated your coworker. Some people make serious money playing DFS and have made a career out of it. These people are called sharks, similar to professional poker players at online games. They are using spreadsheets, math formulas and doing hours of research and planning before picking their squads. More likely than not they are entering dozens of contest daily to maximize their results. It’s a proper job for some people to pick the best achieving players in professional sports, day in and day out. However, like on most online poker sites, only the best of the best rake in the most of the money, while most players hang around in the middle and win occasionally.

Daily Fantasy Sports is currently permitted in California. State representatives appear to be monitoring the industry but have shown little interest in setting up a regulatory framework.

Do you want to use your knowledge of sports and earn money? Play Daily Fantasy Sports, and you will have a chance to win money on a daily basis. It will bring even more fun in your game-watching experience, and you can track the scores easily from your smartphone. If you think you got what it takes to pick better than others, you can sign up easily and pick your team today! Best of luck!