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NBA Finals Private League !!

This is a private contest with a $25 entry that runs for approximately 2 months. The entries will be capped at 20 participants. Prize pool will be paid out as follows:

1st prize: $250 and replica NBA jersey ($100 value)
2nd prize: $150
3rd and 4th: $50 each

Here is how it works:

The "regular season" will consist of 6 private contests. Entry to these contests is free and you will be registered automatically. Top 4 scores of 6 will be totalled to determine placings for the regular season.

The top 10 from the regular season will then play ONE contest to determine the 4 semifinalists.

The 4 semifinalists will then play a head to head drawdown bracket to determine the league winner.

Please email to reserve your spot.


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