Fantasy Factor Points

Fantasy Factor points are awarded for a variety of reasons. All players are given 10 points when they sign up. And we award points for depositing and playing contests as well. Some other ways to earn points:

Completing your account profile: 10 points

Friend referral: 50 points

Please email to confirm completion.

We also offer points for sale (3 purchases maximum):

First points purchase: 200 points for $25.

Second points purchase: 150 points for $25

Third points purchase: 100 points for $25

Note that points are NOT exchangeable back to cash. The only way to use points is to spend them in the store or for contest entry.

You can exchange your points for things like hoodies, hats, t-shirts and even tickets to the Superbowl!  To exchange your points, please email

We will also be holding auctions for bigger items. Check back here for more info in the near future.

Fantasy Factor Hat: 600 points

Fantasy Factor T-Shirt: 800 points

Fantasy Factor Hoodie: 1000 points

2 Super Bowl Tickets: 100,000 points

*Please read full terms and conditions with regards to Fantasy Factor Points in the Terms of Use section