$100,000 Home Run Derby

Swing for the fences in Fantasy Factor’s Home Run Derby Contest!

The Home Run Derby contest runs most weekday evenings and on Sundays during the MLB regular season.

If all players in your lineup hit a home run (pitcher not included), you win $100,000!

Contest Rules:

The $100,000 jackpot is provided by a third party for a fee paid by Fantasy Factor. All requirements must be fulfilled according to the third party’s conditions, for the prize to be paid out by the third party.

In order to win, an eligible customer will select a full roster using the standard daily salary cap structure. This roster will consist of the following –

  • Catcher
  • First Base
  • Second Base
  • Third Base
  • Shortstop
  • Outfield
  • Outfield
  • Outfield

If each of the eight (8) selected players in a customer’s single entry each hit one (1) or more home runs per official league statistics during the individual games scheduled for that specific day and if the customer has complied with the terms and conditions of these contest rules, the $100,000 jackpot will be awarded.

Selected players will only be eligible for a single game played on the designated date. In the event of a doubleheader, only home runs recorded in the first game played will qualify.

If the $100,000 jackpot is claimed by more than one customer, jackpot will be divided in equal parts.

If the $100,000 jackpot is claimed, any future registering Home Run Derby contests will be cancelled until a new agreement can be made with the third party provider of the prize.

Files are uploaded to the third party for confirmation on contest launch. Should any issue occur in which the third party does not accept the file transmission, Fantasy Factor cannot be held responsible for $100,000 prize payout.

Management decision is final.

These contest rules apply alongside the General Website Terms and Conditions.