$1,000,000 Survivor Contest

Fantasy Factor’s $1,000,000 NFL Survivor Contest

The format has been finalized for our inaugural $1,000,000 NFL Survivor Contest. Fantasy Factor is not just about Daily Fantasy. As much as we love Daily Fantasy, Fantasy Factor is about finding ways to enhance your sports viewing experience.

Here is how it works:

First off, entry is FREE, if you have a Fantasy Factor account, you can enter.

For the first THREE (3) weeks, you must select ONE NFL team to win its matchup. No spread. Just win outright. If they survive, you are through to the next week. Once you pick an NFL team, you can’t pick them again for the remainder of the contest.

For the remaining FOURTEEN (14) weeks, you must select TWO NFL teams to win their matchups. Each week, if BOTH your teams survive (win outright), you are through to the next week. Survive for the entire NFL season, and you will win or share in the $1,000,000 prize!!

Entries are limited to 4000 customers, so register early to avoid disappointment. Click the button below to enter the contest. Once you’ve entered, return here to submit your picks each week and to check your progress.

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Terms and Conditions

The $1,000,000 prize is provided by a third party for a fee paid by Fantasy Factor. All requirements must be fulfilled according to the third party’s conditions, for the prize to be paid out by the third party.

In order to win, an eligible customer will select one NFL team for the first three (3) weeks and two NFL teams for the final fourteen (14) weeks. Teams must win their games outright (no ties, no point spread). No NFL team can be selected more than once. Any customer that SURVIVES all 17 weeks, claims the $1,000,000 prize.

If the $1,000,000 prize is claimed by more than one customer, prize will be divided in equal parts.

Files confirming customer picks are uploaded to the third party for confirmation each week. Should any issue occur in which the third party does not accept the file transmission, Fantasy Factor cannot be held responsible for $100,000 prize payout.

Management decision is final.

These contest rules apply alongside the General Website Terms and Conditions.