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January NBA and NHL Survivor Contests coming soon!!


$50 NHL Winter Survivor

Congratulations to RotogrindersExpert, who outlasted 73 other contestants and wins $50.

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$100 NBA Survivor

Last man standing wins $100.

Congratulations to HavingFunYet37, who outlasted 410 players to claim $100.

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Last man standing collects the $1000!

$1000 NFL Survivor

Congratulations to Cooldoods, who outlasted 484 other participants on their way to claiming the $1000 Prize!

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NFL Season Midway Pick 3 

Congratulations to DFSAddict7 and ehbruins. Both went out in Week 5 after surviving 4 weeks. They claim $50 each!

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$200 Fantasy Alarm Private SURVIVOR!!

Congratulations to Jimsaw88 who outlasted 70 participants to claim $200!

$100 November NHL Survivor 

Congratulations to ForTheWatch and PenguinsStanleyGreat, they each claimed $50.

$1,000,000 Survivor Contest

Congratulations to all 1699 participants who gave it the old college try. At Week 11 everyone is out. We’ll do it all again next year, be sure to return for another chance at a cool million.

October $100 NFL Pick 3 

The NFL October Pick 3 is now over. The 30 remaining survivors have been credited $3.33. We intended to run the contest out to reach a single winner, but the contest was inadvertently set for the calendar month of October only.

$100 NHL Survivor (October)

Congratulations to johnnypatron who outlasted 141 contestants!

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$100 September NFL Pick 6

Winner take all for $100 prize. Each week pick 6 teams to win outright. If all win, you move to week 2. Any player completing all 4 weeks shares in $100 prize.. If the pot is unclaimed, the pot builds next month.

This contest is complete, no one survived Week 1 🙁

$100 September Pick 3

All 71 Week 1 survivors were eliminated in Week 2 of the September Pick 3 contest. Each player was credited $1.41.

$100 NHL Pick 3 Contest

Last man standing wins (or shares) $100. Registration is now OPEN. Note that you must enter this Tuesday’s NHL ** $250 Guaranteed ** to qualify for this contest. That means space is limited to 50 entries. Enter soon to avoid disappointment.

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Pick three teams to win outright each period/event. If your teams survive, you move to next period. Last man standing wins (or shares) $100. Note that a regulation time win, OT,  or shootout win classifies as survival. Conversely, an OT loss, is non-survival. Teams may only be picked ONCE per contest.

If all players are eliminated in prior period, $100 will be shared among last period’s survivors.


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